Friday, 28 March 2014

ultimate selfie

I am feeling quite proud of myself today, overcoming a bit of a phobia. I don’t like having my photo taken and tend to avoid being in front of a camera if I can (I love to be behind one though). I have been procrastinating fixing up the ‘about’ page for this blog; writing a blurb, no problem, adding a photo, big problem. I couldn’t in all honesty put up a photo that was a decade old and I was very tempted to not have one at all. There is no rule to say you have to! But, it is nice to put a face to a name and it would be useful to have a recent photo or two on hand.
So I decided to do it myself. Nothing fancy, no major set up or equipment, something natural, just a tripod, check, and a remote control, check, (first time I have taken it out of the box). It took me a good part of the afternoon and a lot of fiddling around. You can’t be in two places at once, behind and in front of the camera, checking that the photo is focused and framed and being the subject as well. It was a bit tedious to take a photo, check it, adjust and do it again and again. There was a fair amount of luck involved I have to confess.
Good enough: I reckon I’m right now for the next few years, maybe even another decade, although there’s an awful lot of ageing going on at an alarming rate after 40. Next time I might even be brave and radical and wear make-up, although I will need one of my girls to do that. The last time I was ‘made-up’ was my wedding day and I didn’t have a hand in that. One step at a time though, there’s only so much uncomfortableness a person can take. And the best thing, it’s done and no one was telling me to smile…

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