Thursday, 27 March 2014

a room with a view

It has been a while since we have had a noteworthy sunset, I don’t think there’s been anything spectacular this year. The closest thing was a month or so ago when a controlled burn sent plumes of smoke billowing into the air. A hazy, yellow brown streaked the sky and settled right across the path of the descending sun.

I have missed the beauty, magic and drama of a coloured sky late in the day. Last year there were some truly amazing displays. The last few months the clear sky glows a faint orange as the yellow orb dips below the horizon. At the moment there isn’t even any sun. The grey skies of the last few days have poured rain today, the view from our balcony obscured by misty clouds.

Despite a yearning for the glory of sunsets past, I never tire of our sea view. Shades of blue, green or grey, the sea and sky weave their magic and cast their spell.

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