Monday, 3 March 2014

sunday slow

50 meters from our front door the sea ebbs and flows in Pumicestone Passage. It is a sliver of waterway between the coast and the very northern tip of Bribie Island. There are no waves in the passage, but a current that follows the tidal surge, a daily rhythm that sees water flow one way and then another, in and out. The mouth of the passage is within sight and there the waves are free to come and go.
On a Sunday The Passage and its shores fill with people and watercraft; swimmers, sun bathers, boats, jet skis, canoes and kite surfers. A vibrant energy tempered by a relaxed Sunday vibe. Locals ‘park’ their boats and jet skis along the shore and head into town, drinking coffee at cafes and wandering the Sunday Market. Along the banks people swim and play, eat and drink, taking their fill of sun and warmth.
Yesterday we joined them. After our usual morning walk around to Kings Beach and Colin’s obligatory swim and then morning tea at The Edge, our favourite cafĂ© and also where Johanna works on a Sunday, we continued the leisurely lazy morning, Colin swimming and kayaking in The Passage and finally lunch under the shade of the umbrella bedecked picnic tables. The natural beauty of the place is soothing for the soul and so is the opportunity to just ‘be’, an unhurried, slow unfurling of the day…

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