Tuesday, 11 March 2014


It was not a long weekend in Queensland, but as Colin is working in Melbourne there was not much point in being there on Monday so he had three days at home, which is a first for a while. We took the opportunity to spend an afternoon on Bribie Island, we were curious to see what lay many kilometres to the south of the tiny tip of Bribie Island that we see from our balcony. The Northern half of the Island is National Park and a long sliver at the very end constitutes our view. To actually get onto the island we had to drive 50 odd kilometres South and over the bridge that connects the island to the mainland.
Bribie Island seems an odd mix, working class meets retirees, the seventies along side man made waterways sporting brand spanking new colossal homes, the local greasy fish and chip shop not far from the swanky tapas bar.
Woorim was being pestered by the Easterlies, its unprotected beaches and coast bearing the brunt of the relentless winds at this time of the year. Bongaree on the opposite side was calm by comparison and the preferred place for picnics and a leisurely Sunday by the water, boats and fishing rods in abundance. The local jetty was the place to hang out if you are in your teens and like jetty’s the world over, the teens were jumping off into the sea right beside the sign which says no jumping!
Colin and I plonked ourselves down in the swanky tapas bar, of course, and whiled away a very pleasant afternoon.

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