Wednesday, 26 February 2014

passing time

The weekend was windy and grey. Noosa’s main beach faces north and is one of the few places along the coast protected from the South Easterlies, so that is where we went on Sunday. It also happens to have some pretty good waves a lot of the time. It is one of Colin’s favourite places; we often make the 50 minute drive up the coast so that he can get his surfing fix. We have figured out where the waves are usually reliable, where there is a place to park the car and before we head home where to have a coffee so that you can watch the passing parade along Hastings Street.
And while Colin is immersed in the waves I walk the beach or grab my camera and see what there is to see. Windblown and lined the drying sand is a canvas, passing time, I notice the plants that are spilling onto it and the occasional flower, a bright jewel of colour shouting out her glory. And time passes; we are both absorbed, one in the sea and one on the shore…

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