Thursday, 6 February 2014

a first

I went to the movies today, on my own. I usually only go a few times a year and always with others. So one of the things I decided to do this year was to go more often – our local cinema only costs seven bucks fifty (we get a discount through our apartment block saving us from having to pay a whole $9!) and it is within walking distance. So no more, “oh I wanted to see that” At first it felt a bit weird to go on my own, then it was just plain weird. Now it could have had something to do with the movie (Philomena) and the time (11.40am), or maybe it was pensioner day but honestly I was the only person there under 60! I lined up with all the seniors thinking this is way weird. It was a nice orderly line. No pushing and shoving to get good seats. Actually it was a very sedate, slow amble in. The lighting was dim and the floor a little uneven so the seniors were taking it pretty slow, resting their hands on the backs of seats as they dawdled in. There was even a spot up the back to park your walking frame. There were very polite excuse me’s as people filed past and there were no mobiles ringing, in fact the lady behind me told her friend that another friend of hers couldn’t use a mobile anymore – “she can’t see properly and her fingers don’t work so good” There was not a solitary bucket of popcorn or oversized coke, no slurping and no crinkling papers and packets. And when we left not even a single yellow corn kernel could be seen, not on a seat or on the floor. I got the giggles waiting for the movie to start (immature youngster that I am) surrounded by this sea of greying and balding heads.
I enjoyed the movie but next week I’m going on a different day and a different time just to see if anyone under 60 goes to the movies up here during daylight hours!

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