Thursday, 13 February 2014

saying goodbye

Last night we farewelled Rachel watching her walk through customs on her way to a four month backpacking adventure around Europe. The previous six months of hard work finally culminating in her living a dream. Our excitement for her slightly tempered by sadness at our own loss and the typical parental worry of having an absent and globe trotting child. As Colin called her name one last time to wave and take another photo on his iPhone (groan, Dad you’re so embarrassing) I watched with pride and some trepidation as our ‘little ray of Sunshine’ set out to explore the big wide world.
The previous night we all had dinner together one last time in our family home. Rachel and Heidi, along with some friends have lived at Temuka Ave this last year while we have been in Caloundra. With Rachel’s departure and Heidi and Alex ready to set up a place of their own, the house which has been home for over 20 years will be no longer. We will rent it out and the house that has borne witness to the growing up of our family will bear witness to other families now. We have a little time and a lot of work before that happens but the transition is in process. Another kind of sadness and trepidation.
On the way back to the airport car park last night Johanna sad somewhat sadly, “the kids are all moving on and I’m the only one left behind” And they are all moving on, Zac and Jan happy and busy in their own place, heading off for a weekend get away, Heidi and Alex just beginning their working lives and happily anticipating setting up their own place and Rachel setting off for a big adventure, the future bright but unknown. Our children have become adults along the way and we are so proud of the wonderful people they have become.
We have all left home now. It is a strange feeling, sad for what is lost but happy for what is yet to become and so very thankful for both. And so very thankful for one last child that is not yet an adult and that will be with us for a little while longer. One goodbye that we can put off for the time being…

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