Tuesday, 5 August 2014


My days in Melbourne tend to be frenetic, every hour of each day filled with family, friends and things to be done. This time there are two and a half days.
Within an hour of stepping off the plane Johanna and I were in the supermarket buying ingredients to make Zac lasagna for his birthday. 3 hours later the wooden table is laden with food and we scrounge 8 mismatched chairs to come together to eat and celebrate – food and family.
There is morning tea with friends, lunch with Heidi, taking Queenie to the vet, making a big pot of minestrone (I like to know my children have containers of healthy soup in their freezers for days when they are too tired or busy to cook), shopping with Rachel for a rug, bookshelf and bedside table, putting together the finishing touches in her apartment, dinner with long time friends, breakfast with Zac and Jan at the cafĂ© where Rachel works…. Well that is some of what I did!
I fall into bed each night exhausted but satisfied. Melbourne days are ‘mothering days’ and ‘friend days’, they remind me of what really matters and what I look forward to when spending more time South next year. However experiencing some of the coldest Melbourne days this year was not helping; 5.5 degrees at midday, how crazy is that….

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