Monday, 28 July 2014


Perspective is a strange thing, what you see depends on where you are looking from.
We all feel a bit flat at the moment. Holidays feel long gone replaced by the usual work and school rhythms. Colin begins a particularly busy couple of months, a full schedule of work commitments, perhaps a tad too many! Johanna begins again the task of juggling school and work and the interruption of travelling to and from Melbourne (we head South again on Wednesday to get our family fix and also to celebrate Zac’s birthday). The realisation that our time of living on the Sunshine Coast is finite and that each day brings us closer to the end of the year. These things sit heavy at times.
And then we look up and out and around and we remind ourselves of what we have here and now, how lucky we are to have today and that most likely tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day offers us the opportunity to see; to see something new or to see something in a different way. A different seeing can help us to have a different feeling. A different seeing can bring greater understanding and compassion. A different seeing can be the beginning of change.
And a different seeing can be as simple as taking a shell and looking, really looking, all the way around…

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