Saturday, 19 July 2014

along the way

Johanna has decided to make use of my old camera – to practise taking video along with the odd photo or two. Our late afternoon walks have been infrequent of late – cold weather (for Caloundra), wind and the early setting sun all contributing to our tendency to stay indoors. But there are still times when we are drawn out; a coloured sky, stillness and calmness, warmth in the late afternoon sun and the ever present urge to be near the sea – to stretch our legs, walk the familiar paths and be filled with the sounds, sights and smells of the coast.
This week there have been two of us, camera in hand (I am still having fun with my little point and shoot), stopping along the way, each attempting to capture something of the moment that is. We walk, we sit, we talk, we listen, we look; we breathe deeply and allow the beauty of this place to fill us up. Johanna’s comment as we walked one afternoon last week, “How can we give this up next year?”

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