Sunday, 10 August 2014

noosa national park

walking shoes on
Johanna’s request for the weekend was to do something active! A walk through Noosa National Park ticked a few boxes – it was something active (about 12km) and there was both bushland and coastland; something for everyone.
a spot of videoing
Grey skies and occasional drizzle were fellow companions, but so were tree lined paths, a swath of greens and browns, wooden bridges, birds calling, the wet and green smell of damp earth and foliage. 
tanglewood path

tanglewood path

graffiti on the scribbly bark
Bush gave way to coast, dirt to sand, enclosed spaces to exposed. The wind was fierce at Hells Gate and we sought shelter under a tree as a band of rain swept by.
almost at Hell's Gate

a windy Hell's Gate

Hell's Gate
heading back along the coastal track
rain is on the way

Two and a half hours later, with tired legs but restful souls, Johanna and I opted for lunch, Colin couldn’t pass up the opportunity to catch a few waves. We ate, he surfed and the heavens opened dumping their watery load. Hot baths at days end were more than welcome…

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