Sunday, 17 August 2014

august wind

August is the ‘windy’ month apparently. Last year was an aberration, little wind, this year the weather is following its usual pattern. There are more windy days than not, sometimes a breeze and sometimes a gale. It mostly blows from the South East, a cold blustery presence. It can be deceptive to look outside, clear blue skies and a shining sun, but when you step out the door you are greeted by a cool blast. The wind grabs at your clothes and stands your hair on end. The trees bend resignedly, leaves and branches supplicating to a greater force. Mostly people just get on with things and make the most of sheltered spaces, warm and still, a momentary pleasure, an escape from all that blowing and buffeting.
It is the birds that seem unruffled, although I have watched from my balcony as they struggle to roost in swaying trees. By far the most amazing thing is to watch them coast and glide on the windy currents. There is a joyful and playful abandonment as wings outstretched they purposefully ‘ride’ the waves far above the sea. It is the osprey and pelicans who reign supreme, working hard against the wind and then giving themselves up to the drafts, rushing back and soaring high, circling and then beginning again. Sometimes a solitary bird and sometimes a half dozen; it is a joy to watch and you can’t help but wonder just how it feels….

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