Monday, 25 August 2014

putting the brakes on

It has been a strange week. Within a five day period my father was in hospital in Tasmania, Colin’s father was in hospital in Melbourne and Colin ended up in hospital here on the Sunshine Coast for unexpected surgery on a Friday night. Not a great week for the males in the family! (All are out and ok now)
The unexpected has thrown a spanner in the works, so to speak. Colin will remain at home recovering this week, necessitating a lot of cancelling of flights, meetings and other work related commitments. Johanna and I were due to fly back to Melbourne the following week for a few days. We have rescheduled to fly with Colin on his usual Monday morning rude o’clock flight to ensure he isn’t carrying or lifting bags. (however a 4.15am start to the day isn’t that appealing)
In the meantime it will be a quiet and slow week up here. I wonder how long Colin will last before he starts to climb the walls; pain relief is keeping him dopey at the moment. He’s not one for sitting still, could be interesting….

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