Monday, 21 April 2014

happy easter

I’ve heard the occasional local complain about the influx of tourists, “you can’t get a bloody car park.” We live right smack bang in the middle of it all – apartment block right by the sea, 20 metres from the main shopping strip and 30 metres from the foreshore. There is actually steady traffic along the esplanade and you have to weave and dodge your way walking on the footpath. The sandy beaches are littered with bodies and towels and boogie boards, the waterways with boats and jet skis and the green open spaces with shade huts, picnic blankets, tables and chairs. The weather has been glorious. They have come in their hundreds; Easter pilgrims to the sun and the surf. Once upon a time we would have counted ourselves among them, now we are so very fortunate to be one of the ‘locals’.
We aren’t complaining though. We love the energy that the crowds bring. Mostly people are relaxed and happy, spending time with their families and doing fun stuff. It creates a great vibe. Everything is relative though, peak tourist season in Caloundra feels pretty much like a normal day in Melbourne’s CBD.
This Easter we have joined the masses at the beaches, walking the foreshore paths, in the cafes, watching the local surf competition and wandering the markets. We have also headed inland and walked the Tunnel Track, getting a quick fix of all things ‘bush’.

There is something inherently relaxing and peaceful about immersing yourself in a natural environment. It is like taking a deep calming breath, a centering for your body and soul. We are happy to share the natural spaces and see people ‘fill up’ and we are also happy knowing that tomorrow the crowds will be gone and a relative calm will return…

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