Monday, 7 April 2014

a little bit of country

We are South, way south, in Tasmania, making the most of the opportunity to spend a few days with my family. Tasmania is home, my childhood home, and coming back is always good for my soul. Watching my nephews play in a tennis tournament, hanging out at my sisters’ houses, staying with my mother and visiting my father, being with people that I love; for a few days I can imagine how wonderful it would be to live closer and feel more connected. I am reminded of the cost of moving to the ‘mainland’ all those years ago.
The other joy of being here is being able, for a moment or two, to be surrounded by the beautiful countryside for which Tasmania is renowned. We made the most of a morning exploring Evandale and its surrounds – rolling hills, green and brown, fertile plains, ploughed and sown and the backdrop, stately mountains imposing their presence. Heritage buildings co-exist along side ramshackle farm sheds, fences partition farmland parceling up the earth and the white woolly sheep and black grazing cows. Wineries and craft and boutique food stores draw a crowd, even on a quiet Monday morning. Vines and crops grow beside trees and bushland, dams and streams intersecting the land; it is verdant and fertile, full of living things.
These are places to breathe deeply of beauty and peace, to restore balance and harmony, to find solitude and rest…

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