Sunday, 13 April 2014

a little bit of city

A few days in Tasmania and now a few days joining Colin in his Melbourne CBD apartment – rural exchanged for urban; brown earth for grey concrete, trees and mountains for bright lights and skyscrapers, cows and sheep for cars and trams, but here in the CBD there is also a bustling mass of humanity, a melting pot of people and a vibrant palpable energy. Not better or worse, just different; nice for a change .
Our time in Melbourne has been filled with
FAMILY – the joy of being together and the sorrow of knowing what we are forfeiting by living away. Eating, talking, catching up, making the most of the moments….
FRIENDS – keeping in touch and up to date, enjoying the company of those who are special to us
SHOPPING – tired legs and empty wallets and lists mostly crossed off
DRIZZLE – some typical Melbourne weather; dreary, grey drizzle
We are fortunate to also have a view from our 16th floor balcony here in Melbourne. The cityscape is interesting and the night lights compelling but the sea and sky in Caloundra are calling…

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