It doesn’t always look like this, but one year on and we still feel so very fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place. At least once a week Colin says something along the lines of “I love living here”, usually as we take the familiar boardwalk path to Kings Beach where he swims every day that he is here. It didn’t take us long to realise that we couldn’t give it up. So one year has stretched into another and the adventure continues. To make it possible Colin will commute from Caloundra to Melbourne each week. It doesn’t make much sense to live in one state and work in another but then again we usually end up doing things a little differently.
Last years 365 days blog ended up being an unintentional recording of a significant and transitional year. I am not keen to make such a commitment again this year, but we value having an account and the ability to reflect upon our journey and therefore a weekly blog feels more sustainable. And just as importantly it keeps us connected with our family and friends.
So here it is, a new year and a new blog…

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