Sunday, 14 December 2014


Tis the season, for storms that is. Fortunately the Sunshine Coast was spared from the damage wreaked upon Brisbane a fortnight ago. That particular storm skirted to the west of us. The recent rain has been a welcome respite from a dry Winter and Autumn, especially inland. The last couple of weeks the skies have been grey, heavy with storm clouds. They roll in and roll on by, sometimes dumping a deluge and sometimes leaving nothing more than humidity. It’s been hot, sticky, dry, wet, cool and windy at some point or another. The atmosphere is changeable, brooding and restless. And sometimes late in the day the clouds part just enough to allow a setting sun to beam its rays across a dramatic canvas that is the sky…

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I have a lot of lists at the moment. Actually, I’ve got a list of lists. A list for winding up school and a list for enrolling in a new one, a very long list for packing up one apartment and a shorter list for setting up another, a list for work, a list for Christmas, a list for saying goodbye and a list for all the odd jobs that don’t fit under any other list. Oh and of course the usual list of things to do ‘today’. Life has been reduced to words and sentences written one under the other on random bits of paper and crossed through with a black biro. I think of lists, scribble lists, cross off lists and wake in the middle of the night remembering something else to go on a list. Sometimes I energetically tackle my lists and sometimes I sit paralysed looking at my lists.
I’m dreaming off sitting on the balcony of our new apartment in Seaport, feet on the railing, drink in hand watching the river and the boats go by – with every task on every list with a big black line through it and each bit of paper torn into a hundred tiny bits and stomped into the recycling bin. Accomplishment and satisfaction…