2013 provided us with a 1 year opportunity to fulfil a dream and live by the sea. We left behind our Melbourne home of 20 odd years and in it two of our three young adult children and with our 15 year old daughter in tow made the 2000 km journey north to Caloundra, Queensland. My partner commuted to Port Moresby (PNG) for work, also returning frequently to Melbourne maintaining work commitments there. Apart from the wrench of leaving our children, family and friends and adjusting to Colin’s travel/work schedule the year felt like we were living in a dream, so much so that at the end of the year we knew we wanted to stay longer. So here we are, still on the Sunshine Coast, still living our dream and feeling a bit crazy in the process because now Colin commutes to Melbourne each week to work (the one year PNG contract coming to its end).
Last year I set myself the task of taking a photo a day, a kind of visual diary, to keep connected to family and friends. 365 Daysended up being an unintentional recording of a significant and transitional year. We value both these things, connection and reflection, but this year I’m lowering the bar a little, blogging once a week or so rather than each day.
Our hope is to stay on the sunshine Coast until Johanna completes year 12 at the end of next year. And who knows after that, life is an adventure, we aim to live it with no regrets.
Maria DiCocco

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