Tuesday, 9 September 2014

sooo cute

We’ve had a usual manic Melbourne week including a side trip to Tassie for a couple of days, taking the opportunity to babysit 4 orphaned lambs for a day while my sister was at work. Baby lambs really would have to be one of the cutest and cuddliest things (beside babies of the human variety of course). These four have adopted my sister’s dogs as surrogate mothers and follow them everywhere, even trying to suckle from Teddy the golden Labrador who good naturedly gives himself a shake and simply moves away. Their antics kept us entertained and amused and bottle feeding kept us busy. A sunny blue sky and the beautiful countryside of the Tamar Valley topped off a picture perfect day.

Also appreciated and enjoyed was the opportunity to see my mother, two sisters and their families and catch up on all the news – cycling, ballet and tennis dominating the niece and nephew world. I think perhaps the highlight was Jo Best, aged 6 years and 11 months, giving us a demonstration of his dance moves. Although further questioning revealed that the highly energetic and ‘hip’ dance moves had not been used at the junior school disco. Instead he spent his time piggy backing his friend and swinging him around knocking into the girls. Six year olds seem pretty much the same one generation to the next.
The highlight of Melbourne was of course having the family all together, including my mother who joined us on the flight from Tassie back to Melbourne. We also got to catch up with Colin’s family on Fathers day and enjoyed watching Jan play in the Chinese orchestra at the Vic Market. We managed a spot of shopping, actually more than a spot and Heidi impressed with a magnificent raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake to celebrate Colin’s birthday.
Our intermittent and frantic days in Melbourne have become the place where family and food meld, the place where we gather with those we love, to share. We are conscious of how very fortunate we are…

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