Monday, 15 September 2014


getting ready
The under 15/17 Road National Championships were held at Toowoomba over the weekend. We spent a couple of days at the event watching my nephew represent Tasmania. He held his own against the best cyclists in the country doing himself and his state proud. The speed these cyclists reach and maintain over kilometres is incredible and scary. There are millimetres between wheels and the smallest error has huge consequences – loss of skin is a given and broken bones common. It is not a relaxing spectator sport!
fast and furious 

Hayden in the green and gold

back onto the track

the home strait
There are three separate events over three days; individual time trials, a road race and criterium, each requiring slightly different skills and tactics. It is not a sport for the faint hearted. Those riders sure earned my respect.
On a slightly more calming note, Toowoomba is known for its gardens and we took the opportunity one morning for a quick peek at the Japanese Garden. The beauty and stillness a stark contrast to the adrenalin and speed of cycling…

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