Sunday, 29 June 2014

the long week

It’s strange how a few extra days can make a difference. Colin’s usual Melbourne stint each week is rude o’clock Monday morning til late Thursday night. This last week he left midday Sunday and returned midday Saturday. No big deal really but it felt like a long week. Anticipating two weeks holiday when he returned made it feel longer still. Funny how sometimes time seems to slow right down and of course when you are on holidays it speeds right up, maybe catching up from going so slow beforehand.
Tomorrow we will hitch up the caravan and along with some other regulars head to Clarkes Beach at Byron Bay for our annual winter sojourn. It has been a whole year since we have made the caravan home. We even considered selling it, wondering if it was worth holding onto and paying for storage when we used it so infrequently once we moved North. We couldn’t bear the heart wrenching thought of that though and lucky it turned out to be because next year we will be living in the caravan during the times we are on the Sunshine Coast.
The caravan has been our second home, one that has been neglected of late. We have so many happy memories and fun adventures associated with that box on wheels. ( We are ready to add some more…

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