Tuesday, 7 October 2014

crunch time

Decision time is fast approaching. Within weeks we must continue or give notice on our current lease arrangements here in Caloundra and in Melbourne. We need to figure out what we are doing next year and how we are going to do it! What began with a question and a roaming conversation months ago, a question, now needs a bit of substance.
On the plus side we have figured out a thing or two. Colin needs to be in Melbourne for work and I need to be in Melbourne for family. And neither of us wants to actually live in Melbourne, which does complicate things a bit. We like to be there when we need to or choose to. We are making peace with the fact that if you choose to live in more than one place, it costs, and not just financially.
We have also come to realise that roaming between 3 States and 3 different places to live (our caravan on the Sunshine Coast, the apartment in Melbourne’s CBD and my mother’s place in Tasmania) means that nowhere is really ‘home’ and that maybe we do need somewhere that feels like a ‘home’ after all. We still want to roam between 3 States and flexibility is key but realistically we (Johanna and I) will end up spending more time in one place than the others. At the moment we are exploring what it might be like to make Tasmania that place.
I am surprised at how much energy it takes to think and rethink your life, to evaluate options, to make decisions and to consider the possible consequences of your choices, not to mention actually making things happen. Major changes are somewhat exhausting.
And in the midst of it all, the one who began this whole process in the first place with her challenging question, was asked once again what was most important for her next year, “I just want to enjoy my life, doing things I want to do” Don’t we all….

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