Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Number two is on her way. A couple of weeks ago, before travelling North to the Daintree, we flew South to Melbourne to attend Heidi’s University Graduation. It was a significant event, the culmination and celebration of four years of hard work.
Lets be honest, graduation ceremonies are boring. All those family and friends sitting through pomp and ceremony, boring speeches and an endless list of names being called out and black garbed students entering one side of the stage and exiting the other, just to hear your child’s name called out and see them walk across that stage and receive that bit of paper, all 15 seconds of it. And your heart swells with pride and your eyes get teary and it’s all worth it. Graduation says ‘it is done’, you have achieved and completed what you set out to do.
Heidi’s graduation coincided with her moving out of the family home in Melbourne, one significant event on top of another. It has been a joy to see and share her excitement in making a home of her own. We look forward to visiting her and Alex in their place, just as we do Zac and Jan. The small steps of childhood and adolescent independence have become leaps and bounds as our children have become adults in every sense of the word. Like most parents there is a tinge of sadness at the realisation of what has passed and what has been lost, along with that though is immense pride and joy at the most amazing young adults they have become. Parenting just keeps getting better, all those years of hard work paying off big time!
(the photo is not one of mine)

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